High class hospitality can bring out
the charm of the people and the company


High class hospitality service
provided by professional human resources.

JW Solution is the company that founded by World Staffing, the company develops outsourcing in various industries and the JTB communication design, that develops human resource training and HR consulting. A comprehensive human resource service company that implement “Hospitality Outsourcing®”.

WORLD STAFFING:Hiring high quality staff ・Know-how of management Jtb Communication Design:The education by unique method ・ Know-how of organization design JW SOLUTION:A comprehensive human resource service company that implement “Hospitality Outsourcing®”.

What is Hospitality Outsourcing®?

We can provide the high-quality service that different with other company by using the 30 years’ experience in human resource education that JTB communication design had accumulated.


Education curriculum

With the results of human resource education in different industry, we provide the solution by using the human resource education method of the JTB group.

With a clear career system to provide the suitable human resource.

One of the major different between our company’s human resource and the others is the enhancement of the education system that supports the improvement of staff hospitality and the career advancement. Also, we will continue to raise the level of hospitality by providing education according to the individual level or career.

Career advancement image

The willing of self-improvement, leading to higher hospitality.

In order for the staff to enjoy their growth and achieve the dreams that they want, they will have a vibrant ground to become more valuable than before.


Creating the best quality cycle

High-quality service provided by the high-quality staff from high-quality of education. The high-quality services that improve the education, the high-quality education create high-quality staff. That is the best quality cycle of JW solution.

The best quality cycle

Details of our curriculum


Business introduction

The “kizuna” (connection) with customers are the face of the brand and also the origin of the hospitality industry. We hire and educate the people who can play the important role to provide high-quality hospitality.

Our focus areas


Temporary staffing

We dispatch human resources with high hospitality to solve customers’ issues.


Introduce/ Dispatch to be introduced

We introduce the suitable human resources from Japan and overseas to the customers who are considering direct employment.



By the certain range of the work’s contract, we can improve the quality and the reduce the burden on customers.


Hospitality education ・seminar

We offer educational training and seminars that enhance employee’s hospitality with our abundant know-how.

Business information


Recruitment information

This is the job that impressed people by learning the hospitality that applicable all over the world.

More about recruitment



  • Aug.2019


    派遣事業 / 紹介事業 開始しました。

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Message from the president

In the recent hotel industry, which is lack of human resources. By combining the know-how on recruitment, adoption and management of World staffing and the JTB communication design’s unique hospitality method, we established “JW Solution” to provide new human resources solution services by a professional group.

By promoting the training and organization of specialized human resource for the hospitality industry, the government’s “Sightseeing vision of supporting Japan’s future” is setting the goal of 60 million visitors inbound in 2030. Regarding of this goal and the needs of futures market, we are aiming for the “The power of human life” by providing hospitality services with specialized human resource (high grade human resource/specific skills) not only Japan but worldwide.

President Shinji Honda



Company name JW Solution Co., Ltd
Capital 50 million yen

World Staffing 80.2%
JTB communication design 19.8%

Permission number 派遣事業「労働者派遣事業許可番号」派13-314227
Tel 03-6695-6580
FAX 03-6695-6581
Address NBF Comodio Shiodome 2-14-1 Higashishinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo



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