Education curriculum

We use the distinctive human resource education method of the JTB Group. 人財育成ソリューションを提供

We provide human resource education solutions by using the employee training methods of the JTB Group, which has a proven record of experience with training people in a broad range of business sectors.

A clearly defined career path structure allows supplying the most suitable people for every requirement

An education system that we are constantly improving in order to upgrade hospitality skills and support career advancement clearly differentiates our people from the workforces of our competitors.

JW Solution can transform human resources into valuable resources by using an education system that improves hospitality skills and supports career advancement for people on assignments. This capability clearly sets our services apart from those of competitors.

With a clear career system to provide the suitable human resource.

JTB’s original hospitality method

Hospitality is something that people take for granted. However, quantifying and standardizing hospitality education is extremely difficult. Our success at accomplishing these tasks is one of our greatest strengths.

JTB’s original hospitality method

Numerous personnel education programs/Training framework

We increase the retention rate of our personnel and meet the expectations of customers by upgrading the hospitality skills of people on assignments and giving them career advancement support.

Create training menus that match customers’ issues and expectations
When first implemented
Implement training and discuss issues with customers
繰り返し STEP.3
Visualize workforce skills (strengths/weaknesses) after starting work
Follow up
Follow-up training every three months
Sharing the results to customers

By repeating steps 3 and 4, personnel on assignments can improve skills in order to meet customers’ expectations and requirements.

Outline of initial introduction education


  • Give people the proper JW Solution mindset and a commitment to excellent hospitality
  • Understand proper thinking when beginning an assignment and the skills that are expected to be used

Training goal

  • Able to understand the importance of hospitality and dedication to always remembering this importance when on the job.
  • Able to understand the work attitude and the behavior that could gain the trust of the customers

Training program overview

SESSION. 1 Hospitality

  1. What is hospitality?/The meaning of hospitality
  2. [Practice] Recall the most personally rewarding jobs you have done/ Work value /Three hospitality mindsets
  3. [Practice] Think about the experiences that you have.
  4. Understanding the structure of hospitality.
  5. [practice] Hospitality self-analysis

SESSION. 2 The basic actions to earn trust

  1. What is the first impression?/Importance of the first impression/Proper business conduct
  2. [Practice] Check appearance and manners (appearance, behavior, facial expressions, actions)
  3. Three ways of “listening”/Points of listening and asking/[Practice] Ways of “listening and asking” that create positive impressions
  4. Communicate directly≠Communicate indirectly/Points of being communicated/[Practice] Information communicated to others

SESSION. 3 Determine
your own credo

  1. Review
  2. What is a credo?/The importance of establishing goals.
  3. [Practice] Determine your credo

Credo is a Latin word for belief, aspiration and promise.
This refers to the wording that expresses the “philosophy,” “value,” and “standards of behavior” that are the basis of organizational activities.

Content can be changed or added according to your request.

Follow-up education and training programs that keep evolving by using the distinctive “skill-wide tables”


  • Visualize the skills and working conditions of people on assignments and increase their motivation to advance.
  • This will be the study materials for the follow-up training.

Follow-up educations and training programs that keep evolving by using the original “skill-wide tables”



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