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Our temporary staffing personnel have a strong commitment to hospitality for
creating value that guests can recognize and appreciate.

In the hospitality industry, the people who serve guests are the face of the brand and the kizuna (connection) with each guest.
We recruit and train people who perform this vital role in order to provide outstanding hospitality.

Our focus areas

Four business models for providing solutions for customers’ needs


Temporary staffing

We constantly upgrade the skills of our people by providing a continuous education program featuring a distinctive methodology centered on the visualization and systemization of hospitality, a concept that is normally defined solely by experience. Furthermore, we have a thorough follow-up system for people on temporary staffing assignments in order to ensure that everyone remains highly motivated.



Placements/Temporary-to-permanent staffing

For customers who want a directly employed workforce, we supply the most suitable people who have completed hospitality education courses. We provide people who can be productive employees immediately while serving as the face of your brand. In addition, we are a source of foreign hotel workers, a staffing category with strong demand due to the increasing number of foreign tourists in Japan.




Personnel who can provide outstanding hospitality performs tasks for our customers to improve the quality of services and lower volume of work that customers need to handle internally. Hospitality is not only about hotel guests. This is also a method to build relationships within a company and earn the trust of business partners. We believe that hospitality will lead to improvements in the working environment and changes in guest services, resulting in a more appealing corporate brand.



Hospitality education/Seminars

We conduct education and seminars that use our proven methods for training hospitality personnel. Training programs are structured to precisely match the personal characteristics and skill levels of each individual. Using this approach creates people able to build relationships rooted in trust within a company and with others. These people also increase the vitality of a company. This is why hospitality education is a way to improving employees’ skills as well as to make a corporate brand more powerful.

JTB’s original hospitality method

Hospitality education ・seminar



As a human resources concierge, we will provide the best possible proposal for each customer.
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